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Unfortunately, statistics of this sort can never be completely accurate but can be taken as a reasonable guide. Checks are made every ten minutes (web sites) and 30 minutes (mail), so one failure to make contact, even if for less than a minute, will always be counted as ten or 30 minutes. External factors can also prevent the testing server (wherever it is in the world) being able to contact ours (in the UK).

Our target is 99.5% in any one calendar month.

Recent news and information

18/2/16 - A short outage at 0255 occurred for planned server upgrade work

4/2/16 - An essential full reboot of the server took place at 0306 to complete the installation of new security updates.

2/2/16 - There was a short outage of the BT line to our server at around 1423.

21/1/16 - Emergency maintenance took place at 0135, causing two short outages.

19/1/16 - A short outage was reported by our monitoring service but this is an erroneous report as our logs show the server was running and accepting connections throughout

19/10/15 - We have recently had two short outages at night (23/9/15 and 13/10/15) caused by heavy traffic on our mail server - we suspect these are attempts to crack weak email passwords. In both cases the heavy traffic was automatically blocked, with normal service resumed within minutes.


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