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Domain Name Registration service from Studio433

Studio433 will register your chosen Domain Name for you, so that it may be used for your web site and email. Orders are normally registered within twenty-four hours and active within two days. The actual time taken for your domain name to be active depends on your ISP.

UK Domains US Domains
and others
and others
Registration (for two years): £22.00 Registration (for two years): £37.50

Please enquire about other domain suffices.


Domain name checkYou should always research your intended domain name thoroughly before ordering.

433Domain pointing

Domain Pointing allows more than one domain name to apply to the same web site, for example and This method is preferable to domain forwarding as both names will be mapped directly to the web site.

Domain Pointing costs £0 per year.

433Domain forwarding

If you have your web site housed elsewhere, but would like your domain name to be hosted with Studio433, we can arrange Domain Forwarding to your site.

Domain Forwarding costs £0 per year.

433Domain parking

Domain names not currently connected with a web site need to be "parked" until needed.

Domain Parking costs £0 per year.

433Registration policy

Some companies will register your domain names in their name. This can lead to difficulties when the time comes to transfer the domain name elsewhere.

It is our policy to always register domains in the client's name, which allows complete control should difficulties arise.

We impose no charges for transferring domain names into or out of our service.

How To Transfer

433How to order

Calculate the cost of your siteYou don't have to think about how much your web site will cost - our on-line Calculator will do that for you. It will even print out your order form if you want it to!

Calculate Now

Alternatively, you can download a blank order form for printing.

Blank order form


Commonly asked questions about our service are answered on our FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

433Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Our T&C are always available for your reference.

Terms & Conditions · Privacy Policy

We'd be pleased to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us by email, telephone or letter. Full contact details will be found on the Contact page


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